There is a lot to do on our way to the island. This page shows what is to be done and decided upon and what's already in place.

  1. Decide which form of legal entity to use: Shareholding
  2. Decide on a goal for the island (resort? redditors only? vacationspot for rent? etc.)
  3. Create a list on what personnel is needed on the island (doctor/mechanic/architect)
  4. Create a list of what is needed on the island based on 2. and 3.; Research cost for said items
  5. Create a list of possible shareholders and their investments
  6. List possible islands:
  7. Narrow the list down via factors of cost/acres/landscape/country/distance to mainland/ fishing laws/etc
  8. Send exploration individuals (or better: groups) to the possible islands; take pictures/videos;
  9. Discuss the possible islands
  10. Decide on the island
  11. Set a goal for funds (island, infrastructure, etc)
  12. Collect Membership funds/sell shares
  13. Run marketing/donation campaigns
  14.  ???
  15. Profit.
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