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Re-structuring State Land, Mineral and Groundwater resources management

towards an enduring Land Reform for change, growth and stability for all. 10:29, April 25, 2010 (UTC)Fiji

How to buy an Island in FijiEdit

sup r/redditisland this has been posted Here , so I'm just going to dive right in...

  1. Get a place were people can donate.
  1. Buy a couple of the cadastral maps the have Here. It's important because it shows a lot about the islands, and what we can buy. (dirt cheap!)
  1. We need some one who has knowledge to decipher thees maps, someone with construction experience.
  1. Find the best island we can, and get more in depth information on our prospective purchase (call up Fiji land management and ask about the islands, or scout the island with google maps, or buy the aerial photos/Orthophoto Maps Fiji has)
  1. We need to make our company (no idea how to-do that, lol) and apply for a lease/buy the island Here. Fiji has Crown leases which is a lease-to-own system.
  1. Media-shitstorm get as many donations as we can from Reddit, digg, facebook, wherever

I am completely open to suggestions talk to me, Chances, or post a question on the wiki page. More information about land dealings Here 10:29, April 25, 2010 (UTC)Chances

Pros and Cons of FijiEdit


  • great weather, and it will be summer when it's winter in the states/Europe
  • You will not get killed for smoking r/trees


  • Kinda far away, better than the Philippines
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