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Contribute ideas on how the project will be funded. (please use separate headings for different ideas/concepts and please add suggestions to ideas instead of changing them)

Member InvestmentEdit

  • Members should be able to buy in for access to the island. Space limitations will require some form of time-sharing, though the structure of that can be dettermined at a later date.
  • There should be two levels of buy-in. Basic membership should allow day access to the island for specific events/parties. Higher-level buy-in should allow for access to longer-duration stays on the island.
  • Labor should be counted as equivalent to cash in some fashion.
  • There should be consideration for those who would like to contribute a larger portion of money to have year-around access to the island. Either as private individuals or island managers who help create continuity by managing the day to day management of the island.
  • We should consider incorporation so people can sell their shares if they don't want to participate at a future date. It is completely feasible that someone might want to participate for their whole life but others might want to stop participating after 5 to 10 years for any number of reasons including life events, lack of continued interest, etc.


1) Discovery Channel show

2) Green Technology companies (money for ad space on what?, or materials)

3) Google?

4) Al Gore


"With the the huge pool of talent available on Reddit, we can surely find people willing to offer custom app/game development, artistic commissions, musical compositions and whatever else they're skilled at in exchange for boatloads of karma and the knowledge that they're helping their community. Proceeds would enter a general fund toward the purchase and development of Reddit Island."

Fundraising Edit

The question of fundraising has raised a bit of controversy. Is it fundraising or is it charity? Do people get shares? Do we give them a t-shirt? Is it even worthwhile to pursue? All that said the idea of Reddit Island is still young so we should kill ideas just yet. Here are some ideas that have been collected from the Subreddit.

  • Proactively participate in the setup of your local Reddit Meetup for the Global Reddit Meetup and see if you can get folks to participate and consider donating funds.
  • Work to host a concert of local bands in support of Reddit Island. Perhaps we could even get Leslie and the Ly's to help out.
  • We should set up a tier system. (from runragged)
    • $10-$50 gets your name on a plaque of founders or something.
    • $50-$100 gets you update letters (real ones with pictures?) on progress.
    • $100-$200 gets your preferred booking in the eventual business operation.
    • $200-$500 ...

Fundraising Organizations Edit

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