Please list any ideas for funding / the on island monetary setup below:

Credit Based System Edit

Credits : Each hour you work to improve island = 5 credits

Cost to stay on island = varies around the year from 100 credits a week in off season, to 350 credits a week during the summer.

These credits can be exchanged person to person for extra goods and services on the island: e.g. you could get a builder to help improve your shack in his free time or pay someone who distills alcohol for a bottle.

Each credit would be worth circa 1$ assuming an equivalent pay rate of 5$ per hour, however the company can vary this by changing the number of hours needed to stay on the island, and the amount you earn per hour.

It is possible to sell your credits if you want to. Maybe earn real money or recourses. Although it needs to be done through the company : you can sell your credits in a minimum group of 500 credits of which the company takes a 150 credit cut. So you would get $350 from your 500 credits and the compnay would get $150 which can be reinvested back into the island.

The beauty of this method is that people can stay on the island all year round and work say a 4 day work week mon-tue, thurs-friday for 5 hours or so and have enough credits to stay on the island year round.

Yet, if someone comes and works hard they can build up a large stack of credits for future stayings or they can sell them.

Now since the island would be meant to be pretty self sufficient food could be grown on the island and solar panels could be used for power generation and desalination.This means that there would be very few extra costs needed of which the extra credits can be used.

Also since the island won't be 100% occupied the year round the company could sell work during free weeks on the site, as well to help boost income if needed.

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