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Add Islands that would be a good choice. (Include size, price and location as well as a summary of why you think it is best). To find more possible islands, see or any other island selling website.

Barnard Island Edit

Location: Hernando - Florida, United States

Size: 5.2 acres

Price: $74,950 USD

Cost Per 1,000 Redditors: $74.95 USD

Website: Barnard Island


  • About ½ mile from shore, and 1 mile from a public launch.
  • Located in the 20-mile long chain of the Tsala Apopka Lakes.
  • Within an hour of Disney World.
  • Many waterfront homes around the lakes.

Geraldo Island Edit

Location: State of Para, Northern Coast - Brazil

Size: 2,718 acres

Price: €720,000 EUR

Cost Per 1,000 Redditors: €720 EUR

Website: Geraldo Island


  • Near the state capital of Para, Belem, where flight connections can get you almost anywhere in the world.
  • The island is close to Marapanim, a coastal town of some 25,000 inhabitants.
  • There are 4,300 metres of white sands and dunes
  • Drinking water is available from Amazon wells that are 0.5 metres under the surface.
  • The island is near the Equator, the average temperature is steady all year around with the day temperature around 30C during the day and 24C at night.
  • There is no electricity, but there is a constant breeze is sufficient to support wind energy. With its location near the equator solar energy for heating water and providing electricity would be easier than some other locations.

Vargas Island Edit

Location: Clayoquot Sound, Vancouver Island - British Columbia, Canada

Size: 45 acres

Price: $595,000 CAD

Cost Per 1,000 Redditors: $595 CAD

Website: Vargas Island


  • 4,000 square foot home already built.
  • Not the entire island.
  • Miles from Tofino.
  • Located within a temperate rain forest.
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