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The wiki of the Reddit Island project. Propose and collaborate on ideas. Develop the project and help get it off the ground. Contribute whatever you can!

The Reddit Island Mission Edit

The Reddit Island project has the ambitious goal of purchasing an island and developing it as a cross between a small self-sustaining community and a tourism spot. This is not an attempt to create an independent island operating outside the law, nor is it going to be a Pirate Bay Sealand spin-off. This is about the internet as a community, coming together through social media sites, and investing a small amount of time and energy across thousands of people to create something real and tangible. Because we are a group of many with many ideas and the idea is growing and changing every day we are using social media technologies to share, learn and collaborate with each other on realizing this dream. You can participate by editing this wiki to share your thoughts, ideas, proposals and more. You can can also participate in the full community by visiting the other sites below:

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