Island Map

Timeline and General Priorities based off of need shown on above planning schematic.

General PrioritiesEdit

It would be impossible to choose an island before knowing which proposed model we are going to use as we won't know the size we need or specific amenities. This means we also need to put off the money question until we have an idea of the cost, whether or not the island will bring in revenue, etc. Therefore the general plan needs to be made concrete first. This involves having a leadershp team in place to make decisions.

Proposed order of priorities:

  • Establish Leadership team to develop at least three fully fleshed out proposals to put before RedditIsland community
  • Decide on model as a group
  • Figure out needed basic infrasrtucture in the most cost-efficient way possible - determine cost
  • Choose island based on needs of community proposal
  • Determine final cost to get project off the ground and develop fundraising plan
  • Get the money! Execute the plan!

Leadership then Plan then Infrastructure then Island then Money!

Leadership TeamEdit

This needs to be figured out As Soon As Possible. If it is the moderators of the subreddit, that is great and we need to establish a timeline for when they will have well-formed proposals to put before the community. I am assuming most info from this wiki will make its way over to the website when it starts existing and that we'll know a lot more then?

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